Google Video

While we all know that YouTube is the king of all upload video Web sites, you’ve probably heard about some others out there as well, such as Dailymotion and AOL Video. Since there’s so much useful content on those sites, have you ever wished there was a simple search engine for all of them? You know, like a Google option just for videos!

Well, Google Video is the answer to your prayers! Google Video allows you to upload videos to the Google Web site and it lets you search the other popular video sites for even more videos. For example, a search for “Futurama” brings up these results:

Google Video works a lot like YouTube. Yep, you can upload videos yourself! To do that, you’ll need a Google account. Once you sign in, click on Upload Video in the top right hand corner of the page.

You’ll then be taken to a page where you can enter in some details about your video and start the uploading process. That’s all there is to it. Happy Google Videoing!

~ Brandon Zubek