Wonder How To

Have you ever wondered how to do something? I know I do all the time! Well, I’d like to welcome you to Wonder How To, a Web site devoted to teaching you how to do things through video tutorials. Now, I wouldn’t recommend letting your kids run wild on this site, because there are a few videos about alcohol and pranks.

However, if you weed those out, there are a lot of really great videos! I’ve already used this site to find out how to do some algebra, how to do my makeup for Halloween, how to draw clouds and how to cook several different dishes I was leery of trying due to complexity.

You can navigate the site with the search engine, the navigation tabs or my favorite method is to just start with one video that catches your eye and then go through the related videos for that topic.

This site covers everything from replacing light switches to painting a room. You can even find how to videos for software you might own. I also ran across several very helpful Photoshop videos. Check it out today!


~ Amanda