The Long Formula

Do you work in MS Excel a lot?

Ever have a really long formula that would expand the formula bar in the older versions of Excel? Did it become bothersome when it began to cover the cells in the first few rows?

Well, if that’s the case for you and you now use Excel 2007, you may be happy to know that you have some other options and they don’t involve covering parts of your worksheet.

First of all, if your formula gets too long for the space allowed, you’ll find that Excel 2007 will scroll the formula up, but it won’t automatically expand the formula bar downward.

Notice the scroll arrows now at the far right end of the formula bar. You can use those to scroll back and forth through your formula.

But wait! I can hear many of you wondering what good that is if you need to see the whole formula at once.

I agree and fortunately, Excel 2007 has a solution for that situation as well!

If you slowly move your mouse pointer over the bottom edge of the formula bar, you’ll find that it turns into a double arrow.

While the pointer is a double arrow, click and drag the bottom edge of the formula bar downward.

When you do that, you’ll see how the entire worksheet moves down as the formula bar expands.

Now, you can see your entire formula without covering a single cell!

~ April