An Alternate Picture Caption Method

Yesterday, we looked at MS Word’s captioning feature. It wasn’t too bad and it’s fairly easy to use, but I still found it annoying at times. I didn’t like that I had to group them with their object in order to keep the two of them together when relocated. I also didn’t like how I had to do some of the editing after the caption was created.

So, I began to think a little more about the caption box. I mean, what is it besides a text box?

Well, with the text box idea in mind, I began to experiment and was happy to come up with an alternative for captioning when using the text box as the basis.

  • To begin, draw a text box in your Word document.

  • Now, with the cursor inside the text box, insert your picture or draw a table.

  • With the item in the text box, you’re ready to click either before or after the item to add your caption text either above or below the object.

I found I could format text as usual and I could even click on the picture and change its placement with something like a center justify. Formatting the text box itself works as usual too, including resizing, border lines, text wrapping around the box and so on.

The key here is that by inserting an item and text into the same text box, they’re automatically linked as a single item, with no extra work to make it happen.

I’m sure there are other options out there, but since I stumbled across this one, I thought I’d share!

~ April