I have a really cool free program for you today! It’s called Gmote and it allows you to open and control your programs with simple mouse gestures. Here’s an example of what Gmote can do.

I set my Gmote program to open Internet Explorer. If I hold the right mouse button down and draw an “e” on my screen, Gmote will automatically open Internet Explorer and take me to my homepage.

And that’s just one thing you can use Gmote for! You can also use it to control your Windows Explorer options and your browser functions, such as back, forward, stop and refresh.

I think Gmote is pretty awesome and it’s so easy to use. After you’ve set up the controls you want, just tell it to run at startup and it will always be ready to go!

Extra tip: Make sure you click on the Options button to tell Gmote when to look for a command. You can set it to “listen” when you hold down the right mouse button, the middle button or a key on your keyboard.

You can download Gmote for yourself right here. Enjoy!

~ Gary