John’s Background Switcher

I love WorldStart’s wallpaper, but every month, I’m faced with a huge dilemma: which one to use as my desktop background. Do you know what I mean? After all, it’s the photo I’ll be staring at every time my computer boots up. Luckily, I recently found a program called John’s Background Switcher and I haven’t stopped using it since! Not only does it change your background periodically, but it also allows you to use photos from Flickr, Picasa and even RSS feeds. Cool, huh? Here’s how you can get it!

1.) First, click here to go to the Web site.

2.) Next, click on Run (for Internet Explorer) or Save and double click on the file (for Firefox).

3.) Now, simply go through the installation.

4.) To start John’s Background Switcher, right click on the icon that appears in your system tray (where the clock sits) and choose Settings.

5.) To get WorldStart’s wallpaper on John’s Background Switcher, you’ll have to save the ones you want first. To do that, go to and click on one of the backgrounds you’d like to include in your rotation.

6.) When you get to the image’s page, right click on the photo and select Save Image As (it could also say Save Picture As).

7.) Do that for all the images you want to place in your rotation. When you’re done, go back to John’s Background Switcher’s settings and click on Add.

8.) Once you’ve chosen the folder with all your rotation pictures intact, you’re done! Just sit back and enjoy the show. Happy background changing!

~ Brandon Zubek