Google Bookmarks

How many of you use a computer at home and a computer at your work place? If so, would you like to be able to access the same Web sites without having to tote around a flash drive or e-mail yourself between the two computers? If that sounds good to you, you’ve got to check out Google’s bookmarks. I promise, you’ll love their organization and flexibility!

Google bookmarks are super easy to set up and just as easy to label. They allow you to quickly attach an existing label to a bookmark or create a new one. What’s even better is any changes you make to your bookmarks and labels are saved to your personal Google account. That allows you to access the same information on any computer at any time. Just keep in mind though, if you have trouble accessing your bookmarks from another computer, make sure that computer has the most recent version of the Google toolbar.

We’re talking about computers, so let’s face it. There’s one slight drawback: the process for labeling a bookmark in Internet Explorer is slightly different than labeling a bookmark in Firefox. But I’ll show you how to do both below!

Google bookmarks are one of the features available on the Google toolbar. Simply download the toolbar here, set up a Google account if you don’t already have one and then sign in. Now, you’re ready to save and organize your bookmarks. Let’s go!

For Internet Explorer

1.) Click once on the Bookmark button . You’ll then receive a message that tells you the page has been bookmarked, like this:

2.) Click on the button a second time to label the bookmark. You’ll then receive this message:

3.) Type a name in the Name: box if you’ll better recognize another name or use the name Google automatically creates for the page.

4.) To categorize the bookmark, type a label in the Labels: box. If you’ve entered a label previously that you want to use, simply choose it from the drop down box:

5.) Click on the Save Changes button.

6.) The Save Changes button will then gray out and say Saved.

For Firefox

1.) Click on the button a second time and the following option menu will appear:

Now, you have a couple of options for saving a label to a bookmark.

2.) The easiest way is to simply choose a label from the list, provided you actually have some labels there. A checkmark will appear next to the label you select. If no label is present, click on New Label. Or, you can click on Edit This Bookmark and the following screen will appear:

3.) Type a name in the Name: box if you’ll better recognize another name or use the name Google automatically creates for the page.

4.) Type a new label name into the second box or select one that’s available.

5.) Click OK. With Firefox, you don’t get a confirmation that your changes have been made, but if you go back to edit the bookmark, you’ll see your changes.

That’s it. Now, you have a bookmark that, once you sign in, you can access on any computer in the world!

~ Karen Powers Liebhaber