Google Flu Trends

Did you know that Google is not just a search engine company? Everyone knows about and all of the programs and features it offers to help the everyday computer user, but many people don’t know about the other part of Google called is a part of the company that uses its technology to help the world in many ways. The newest part of the Web site is called Google Flu Trends. It’s a feature that looks at search trends dealing with the flu. It monitors to see what parts of the country are searching for articles related to the flu. That way, they can predict which parts of the country are being affected by a flu breakout.

Google Flu Trends then puts all of the data together into a map of the United States. The map shows where they believe flu breakouts are happening. If you’re concerned about a spell of the flu hitting your area, you can check the Google Flu Trends Web site to see if others are reporting flu related symptoms in your area.

To look at the Google Flu Trends map, you can visit this Web site.

There are other worthy causes that takes on as well and you can read all about them on the Web site. Until next time, stay safe out there, my friends!

~ Gary