Don’t have a fancy Pocket PC or organizer? Well, with PocketMod, you don’t need one! I discovered PocketMod just a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t stopped using mine since. Let’s check it out!

So, what is a PocketMod? Believe it or not, but it’s not another electronic gadget. It’s actually just a piece of paper you can use as a personal organizer. And best of all, it’s completely customizable!

Creating one for yourself is easy! Here’s how:

1.) Go to http://www.pocketmod.com and click on the Start icon.

2.) You can then begin to customize your cover page. To do that, first click on the button labeled Cover. Then click on the spanner and screwdriver icon.

3.) Next, enter in your details and click on Close. Now, click and drag the cover page into the spot on your PocketMod that says Front.

4.) Okay, it’s now time to add other items! Simply repeat the same process as above for six more pages. For example, I like the Sudoku widget, the calendar and the shopping list, so I added all of those to my PocketMod. Of course, you can add whatever suits you the best. When you’re finished, click on Print PocketMod to print out your organizer.

5.) Once you’ve printed your PocketMod, it’s time to fold it. On the PocketMod homepage (or, here if you prefer), there’s a video that shows you how to fold it. Just follow the directions and you’ll be all set!

You’re now completely organized. Yes!

~ Brandon Zubek