I have lots and lots of movies and I’d like to put them on my iPod, but unfortunately, iPods only accept the MPEG-4 (MP4) video format. So, I went searching for something else to use and I came across HandBrake. It’s a great piece of software that “format shifts” your video files so that they’re converted into the MP4 format for use on your iPod. How cool is that?!

Well, if you’re interested, here’s how you can start converting your movies today!

1.) First, head on over to the Web site here. Once you get there, click Open (if you’re using Internet Explorer) or click on Save File and then Run the installation (if you’re using Firefox).

2.) Next, just simply go through the HandBrake installation process.

3.) Now, the next part can get a little confusing without guidance, but I’m here to walk you through it, so here we go! To begin converting, click on Source.

4.) Select your file from the drop down menu or choose the appropriate option.

5.) Now, wait about one minute and your conversion should start. That’s all there is to it!

Happy video watching!

~ Brandon Zubek