See Your Hotel

At See Your Hotel, you can find your hotel on a map so that you know right where it is. It’s very useful if you’re traveling and want to see what the area surrounding your hotel looks like.

For example, put Toledo, OH, USA into the search field. That will bring up a map of Toledo with all of the hotels bulleted on the map. On the left side of the screen, you’ll see a panel that will help you narrow down your results.

The options to narrow your results by are: Name, Price and Star.

When you click on the hotel bullet on the map, an information window will pop up. That window will display a picture of the hotel (if available), as well as, its location, price and features. There are tabs you can click on for more information as well. They are: Detail, Pictures, Availability, Street View, Videos and Reviews.

Once you start viewing hotels, you’ll notice that in the left pane on the page, it keeps track of what hotels you’ve viewed. It will display the ten most recent hotels you’ve looked at. That’s very helpful if you want to compare hotels before making a decision as to where you’ll stay.

So, you’ve narrowed it down and selected a hotel. You can now start the booking process by using the Availability feature on the information screen. Just put in the details of your stay and click on the Check Now button. If there’s an available room that meets your needs, you can book it now with the Book Now button.

This Web site offers you a great hotel shopping tool when you’re ready to travel. Check it out today!

~ Amanda