Almost everyone owns a Digital Camera these days and if your an enthusiast like me, you probably own a D-SLR. Many of us have a huge collection of photos and use Windows Photo Gallery to view them, but tend to overlook some of the additional features available within Windows Photo Gallery.

Let’s take a look at some of these features.

Fix Photos – Editing Photos within Windows Photo Gallery
Simple photo adjustments such as adjusting exposure and color as well as cropping and red-eye correction can be performed by using the Windows Photo Gallery.


1.Click on the Fix button on the top menu and the editing options are visible on the right panel.
2.Choose the option required on the right panel.
3.Exposure is adjusted by modifying Brightness and Contrast sliders
4.Color is adjusted by modifying Temperature, Tint and Saturation Sliders
5.Pictures can be cropped to a specific size or to a custom size by drawing a rectangle as required
6.Red-eye correction is performed by drawing a small rectangle over the red-eye to be corrected

Rate Photos
Photos can be rated on a scale of 0 to 5 stars by clicking on a suitable number of stars for the photo. Ratings can be altered by clicking on a different star on the fly.


Note: Clicking the Info button on the Top panel will display the Rating & Tag information on the right panel.

Add Tags
Multiple Tags can be added to easily identify photos and add some metadata (data about data). Captions can also be added for each photo as can be seen from the right panel.

Burn Photos – Backup photos onto a disc
Selecting many photos in the Gallery view and clicking on Burn Photos, ejects the CD drive and prompts you to insert a blank disc so as to burn the photos onto a disc using Windows Vista. This is a very useful feature and can be used to backup important photos to external media to guard against a system crash.

Make a Movie – Create a video using photos with Windows Movie Maker
Selecting many photos in the Gallery view and clicking “Make a Movie” in the top panel automatically opens Windows Movie Maker, creates a new project, imports all the images and add them into a sequence. In order to complete the movie, one only has to add a title and an ending screen, along with audio if required and publish it.

~Deepak Kannan