The meanest thing I ever did:

7 years ago for my beloved pseudo-nephew’s 11th birthday I pulled the cruelest prank of all. Because I like to play with cake, I often make birthday cakes for the Lightfoot boys. That year, he wanted Spiderman. So I played a little joke. I made a Barbie cake. A blonde plastic princess with a huge skirt made of cake. Frosted in light pink and adorned with pink and yellow frosting flowers. Then I piped on a lovely pink frosting top for Babs. The cake was pink, too. Beautiful. Then I allowed a helpless 11 year old boy to sit at a table surrounded by his friends and I trotted this baby out.

Doesn’t he look amused? His friends were hooting and hollering and teasing him.  Funny right?  See how amused he is?
Funny right?  I wish I had some better pictures, but I was too busy pranking the kid to bother photographing it.  In my defense, there was a Spiderman cake waiting in the kitchen.  I don’t have any pictures of that.  Or of Cameron’s father licking the frosting off Barbie. Perhaps it’s for the best.  Still, the boy forgave me.  MISTAKE KID!
Five years later, I was supposed to bring the cake to his 16th birthday. I made cupcakes that looked like spaghetti and pretended that I was confused and thought I was supposed to bring spaghetti to his party; not the cake. He was very polite about the whole thing.  “Uh, I thought you were, uhm, ah, bringing cake?”  When he figured out I had indeed brought cake, he was relieved.
So today, the boy graduated with honors from The Toledo School For the Arts. Lots of honors. And he trusted me to bring his graduation cake to the party. I thought about a giant Barbie cake.  I really did. But what did I do?
I’d like to point out his buddy was also at the the 11th Birthday party. It’s nice to keep your friends. Anyway, this is what I did cake wise.  By what I did, this is what I had Thrush’s Bakery make. His mother did the photo montage of his theatrical career and they put it on the cake.
Happy Graduation Cameron Lightfoot!  Forgive me. For your 21st, I’m considering a giant Barbie cake with an actual girl inside. Cause I love you that much. 
You make me proud,
Love “Aunt” Cyn

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