Old Friends: the pre 1973 edition.

Cousin Pam (on the right)
First met: Infancy
Earliest Memory: My 3rd birthday. There was a little train on my cake and I wanted to pull it. Boy cousins kept stepping on it. Pam said. “Boys are mean.”
Outstanding attributes: had cool Barbies. Gave me a fold-up Barbie house when she grew tired of it.
What we should get together and do now: Shop or relax in beach chairs.
Denise (Dee Dee)
First met: standing at my Mamma’s back fence in 1969
Outstanding attributes: Had cowgirl hat & gun just like Audra Barkley on Big Valley. Highschool fashionista & fast typist.
Random Memory: Girls bathroom in high school. Dee lighting her eyeliner with a lighter to make it blacker to better outline her eyes. She was THAT rockstar fabulous. Still is.
What we should do now: Watch her daughter (a taller even more rockstar fabulous clone of her mother) play basketball.
First meeting: 1970 at a tree near her back door.  I told Mommy I saw a girl out in the yard. Mom said to go say hi. I said. “Hi.”  She said. “Hi.” One of us said. “Let’s be friends.”
Outstanding attributes: Cool Barbies including fully poseable Barbie and Ken.
Random memories:  Eating Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Powder out of a packet. Going to her Grandma Louise’s for my first sleepover. (They had 2 pigs Orville & Luke) I got upset and cried from homesickness. Annette made me an Alkaseltzer.
What we should do now: Hot Dog & Root Beer. You can never go wrong with that.
First Met: 1970. Kicked in head while swinging. (She should have got out of my way)
Outstanding attributes: Twin brother Ben. Ability to subdue maximum security psych patients with one stab of a needle.
Random Memories: Throwing rocks at hippies. Summers at Dreamland Pool. Rolling olives down the streamers at prom. College. Maid of Honor at my wedding. 4th of July cookouts.
What we should do: Go to Sephora and try on glitter. Have a steak. Watch reality TV. Go for a hike. And we should do it soon and we will.

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