This is my herb garden. I love growing herbs because they are very tasty and requite almost not attention. Mostly they are weeds, incredibly tasty weeds. My oregano patch is ready to take over the world

My giant sage bush has been growing for years. Every Thanksgiving Day, I grab a handful of fresh delicous sage to use in the stuffing and to decorate the turkey plate. I’ve also dug through the snow to pull out fresh Thyme, Rosemary and Majoram. Considering that fresh herbs go for 3 to 4 bucks a pop in the store and that the herb plants only cost about 2 and keep giving and giving. It’s quite a deal.

My tarragon made it through the winter this year and has now taken off. I need to get cracking on some bernaise sauce.

Lavender & Lemon Balm make the back garden smell like potpourri back there amongst the roses. And they murderize other less desirable weeds.
Cilantro, Parsley, Dill & Basil.  Hey wait, where’s the Basil? It’s all gone. Has Mario Batali been in my garden? Who took the basil. Time for a closer look.
Great Ghost of Julia Child! Who the heck are you and what are you doing on my dill? This is war, I tell you.
A little something for you my bird friends. Declious basil & dill stuffed caterpiller on a bed of dill. Eat ’em up yum! Don’t mess with me bugs. I’ll take you out. My sympathies to your family. Now off to buy another basil plant.

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