Many of us love to use templates when we work.

I mean, what could be better than opening a file and having the setup right there ready to go?

So the first question you may ask with OpenOffice is, where in the program do I access them?

Good first question, and that leads to the File menu, New choice, or you could use the drop-down arrow on the New Button (1st button on the Standard Toolbar).


Either way, at the very bottom of the list, you’ll need to choose Templates and Documents.

When the Templates and Documents dialog box opens you’ll see Templates on the left.


When it’s selected, the templates folders will be displayed in the center.

If you click into the My Templates folder, you’ll find it empty… time to find a few.

In the bottom left corner, there’s a link for finding templates online. This link will take you to the Template home page at

You could also have started online at the home page.

-Use the I want to do more with my link.

-Then you’ll want to use the Templates link in the upper right quadrant to navigate to the Templates home page.

Regardless of how you get there, you’re ready to browse and download what’s available. Are there more sites out there with OpenOffice templates?

Why, of course but here’s a good start for now.

~ April