Everyone has at one time or another needed to send a file that’s currently being edited to someone in an e-mail.

What did you do?

Did you save the file, start a new message, attach the file (which we all know involves a couple of steps too) and then save it?

If you could get OpenOffice.org to do most of that work for you would you want to know how?

Of course you’d want to know… who wouldn’t?

So let’s get started so you know how to speed up the process of sending a file via e-mail without a lot of hassle.

To send the current file as an attachment simply use the File menu, Send sub-menu.


As you can see for yourself there’s a few format choices available here… pick one. (Choices seem to vary by program but most of them have the ones I’ve shown here.)

OpenOffice.org will take a “snapshot” of the file in its current state, open a new message from your default mail program and attach the snapshot as a file in the format you chose.

You just have to write and address the message and you’re good to go.

No fuss, no delay, the file is off to its intended recipient and you’re back to what you need to do ASAP.

~ April