Today I’d like to look at a very useful feature that is quite often overlooked… the Recent Documents list in the file menu.

Recent Documents works just like it does in your Windows Start menu.

It’s a list of the latest files to have been edited and to open one of them, you simply need to click the document name.

Instead of the old “File, Open choice then locate the file so that you can finally open it” routine try the File menu, Recent Documents sub-menu.


Choose a file and will do all the retrieval work, and you won’t even have to tell it where the file was saved!


Now here’s something else you may like… if you use more than one of the programs in the suite (such as Writer and Calc) then the Recent Documents list will contain the most recently edited files for any of the programs.

Need a file that isn’t from the program you’re currently using?

No problem. will open the other program, then load the file for you.

Truth be told, this one is a definite time saver and if you haven’t tried it or never even knew it was there, I recommend that you try making a habit of using the Recent Documents list.

It would be a good habit so, unlike all those other bad ones we have, this is a habit that we won’t have to break.

~ April