We all know that every once in a while, a document must have a symbol inserted… such as copyright symbol, trademark symbol, basic arrows and a variety of things that aren’t on the keyboard.

If you’ve used Microsoft Office, then you actually went in search of the “Symbols”… using that exact term to find them.

Problem is that OpenOffice.org doesn’t call them symbols.

OpenOffice.org calls them “Special Characters“.

With that bit of info, they are extremely easy to locate.

Start with the Insert menu and choose Special Character…

The following dialog box will open.


As you can see at the top, you can choose different font sets which will trigger different available symbols as well as altering the look of the ones that the sets have in common.

You may have to look through a couple of different fonts if you’re looking for an obscure symbol. Otherwise, locate the one you want.

To insert the symbol into your file, either double-click on it directly or select it with a single click and then click the OK button.

Either way, you’re back in your document and you’ll find that the symbol you chose is now in the document too!

~ April