I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that OpenOffice.org programs have a Word Completion feature where it learns the longer words you often type, and will suggest them as you’re working.

Once the program recognizes the word, it will suggest a completion for you by displaying the rest of it as highlighted text. If you keep typing nothing will happen to your document but if the word you need pops up then you can hit the Enter key and OpenOffice.org will finish it off for you.

The question becomes, what do you do with something that it has begun prompting, that you either no longer want or worse yet, is misspelled?

Is there any way short of turning the feature off completely, that will allow you to get the word out of the list?

Of course the answer is Yes… why else would I ask?

What you seek is found under the Tools menu in the AutoCorrect Options.

When the AutoCorrect Options dialog box opens you’re looking for the Word Completion tab.


It’s here that you can decide to turn the feature off completely or make setting changes.

Today we’re looking at the word list on the right side of the dialog box.

These are the words that Writer currently has stored for completion.

If there’s one in the list that you want gone, then select it and click Delete Entry.

Click OK.

That’s it… the program should stop trying to complete the unwanted or misspelled word.

~ April