When we create presentations,
the software can show us a variety of views – we can see each slide in
the Normal view for editing, we can access an Outline view of our presentation
content, there’s the Notes view where we can add our extra info that doesn’t
go to the audience… well, you get the idea.

There are a variety of ways
to view and edit your presentation information. The question is how to do get
from one to another?

The obvious way is the View
menu… since they’re all “views” of your presentation, which would
make it the most logical place to find them.

But, as always, there are
other, quicker ways to access these places.

For anyone familiar with
MS PowerPoint, you’re used to seeing the tiny icons at the bottom of your
program window… however, in OpenOffice.org Impress, we have to “look up”
to quickly change our view.

Just above your workspace,
you’ll see a series of tabs… these are what you need to quickly slide from
one presentation view to another with no menu nonsense needed.

~ April