MS Excel: A Little Something
More to Say

Ever find yourself working
on an Excel formula and wondering how in the world the person you’re handing
this off to will ever understand some of the more complex calculations?

Short of writing lengthy
documentation, or spending a whole lot of time walking them through things piece
by piece, there probably isn’t much you can do… or is there?

What if we could put some
documentation right with the formula – not a comment – but actual information
in the formula?

Sounds like a plan to me,
so let’s take a look at how to make the “magic” happen.

Start out with your usual

At the end of the formula
add the following

your comment text here

That’s it.

As you can see in the picture,
when you hit the Enter key, you’ll find that the formula works as expected. But, with the cell selected, the formula bar displays the formula and the informational

Cool – now when your formula
demands a small explanation, you can convey it without actually having to say
it, or repeat it because they forgot it.

~ April