I Can
Customize the Menus Too?


It’s as simple as customizing
your toolbars. The result can make your life a bit easier, not to mention more
efficient, when you’re working.

Worth a minute or two to

Yeah, I thought so too.

Start in the Tools menu with the Customize choice.

When the Customize dialog
box opens, navigate to the Menu tab.

At the top, select the
menu you’d like to modify

In the bottom section, you’ll
see the list of commands that the menu contains.

To rearrange the items already
on the menus, select a command that’s currently on the list and use the up / down buttons to move it to a new location in the list.

You can click the Add button, to open a list of all commands.

From this list, you can choose
something to add to the list. (Or repeat the process to add lots of somethings
to the list.)

Want a new menu that’s all
your own?

No problem.

In the top section, click
the New button to open the New Menu dialog box where you can name
your new menu

You can also use the up
and down arrows to rearrange the menu order
… any menu can be moved not
just your new one.

After you click OK, you’ll find your new in the list on the Menu tab.

You can select it and add
whatever commands you want in the bottom portion of the dialog box, just like
you do with the built-in menus.

Talk about customizing!
Your own menu, with only the commands you deem most useful – if that doesn’t
make you more efficient, I don’t know what will.

Once you’ve placed everything
where you want it, click the OK button.

When you’ve returned to
your program window, you’ll find your changes have taken affect and you’re ready
to get right to work.

~ April