MS Excel 2007 & 2010: How Do You Like to View It?

We all have one… you
know, that preferred view of our MS Excel worksheets.

Some people like to see
everything in the Normal view.

Others prefer the Page
Layout view,
where Excel shows the physical breaks between each page, as well
as the header & footer areas.

And still others prefer
the Page Break Preview look of things. (Which I have to admit, on
a new workbook, feels weird to me. Also, since it is a preview, it’s tiny, but to each
his own.)

Whatever your preference,
wouldn’t it be nice if Excel just put a new worksheet into that view instead
of your usual migration to the View tab of the Ribbon to make a change?

I’m quite sure that the
answer is yes so let’s take a look at where you can make that change.

We need to open the Options
dialog box
via the Office Button / File tab of the Ribbon.

Once there click Excel

In the Popular options
category, When creating new workbooks section you’re looking
for the option labeled as Default view for new sheets.

This option comes with a
drop-down list of choices – pick one.

Once you’re satisfied with
the decision, click OK.

That’s it… you probably
noticed that the setting works for new workbooks, but I found that once I changed
and saved my old files in the View of my choice, it opened that way later

As for the new files – you’ll
have the look you want right from the start.

~ April