Commando Crafting! Homies Shadow Box

While cooling my heels waiting for the Daytona 500 to start, I was hit by one of sudden urges to craft. I love crafty stuff, but I lack patience, so my projects need to be instantly gratifying. Looking around I saw a little bowl of Homies that’s been lurking around the house for a fe years. Homies are teeny tiny representations of the residents of South Central Los Angeles, mainly Hispanic. They were available out of gum machines and for awhile we were feeding in the quarters to collect them all.
Insane Clow Posse Homie was espcially hard to find.
I had a shadow box ready, a Christmas gift from my friend & fellow lover of putting glitter on things, Cheryl

I glued a piece of foam board that I had lying around onto the back. Note: scissors are crappy tools for cutting foam board & I couldn’t cut a straight line to save my life. Then I went to Wal-Mart for some clue that would join plastic and foamboard. Note: there is no glue that will join plastic and foamboard. I settled on a dollar tube of this generic Crazy Glue.


Then I purchased the thing that fixes everthing: Duct Tape. I figured I could put it over the foam board and add a service that I could glue the Homies too without melting the foam.

But no ordinary Duct Tape.  I got Duct Tape with flames!

Now my project is 500% more awesome!


Add the tape in strips to the foam board. A better woman would have lined up the pattern. If you see that better woman, compliment her on her dedication.  I just covered the thing in tape

Then I started gluing in the Homies with little rhyme or reason other than putting the ones with wide bases on the bottom.

Junk into art (or something like it)  The Homies have a home! So much better than living in a bowl!
Total crafting time (excluding Wal-Mart run): 30 minutes!

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