Pasta: Fit for a ‘ho. Spaghetti ala Puttanesca

Spaghetti Puttanesca is super-quick and very delicious. Plus it’s fun to say Puttanesca, which means in the style of a whore. I’ve read that the name comes from the fact that hookers used to cook it to lure in customers or because it’s spicy or because you can cook it up quickly in the time between tricks. Or maybe because it’s so darn easy.  It’s ready in the time it takes spaghetti to boil. So get a pot boiling. This makes enough for 2, but easily doubles for 2. How much pasta you use depends on how much you like. So boil as much as you like per person.

Then put a little olive oil in a skillet and sprinkle in some red pepper flakes, turn the heat on low.

Now get to work on the garlic and anchovies.

Mince a couple of cloves of garlic

Now the anchovies. No leaving them out! Even if you think they’re gross, I want you to try this. What I do is buy a tin, open it and use two of the filets for this and freeze the rest in a Ziploc bag. The only people who get a pass on the anchovies are those with a written excuse from their doctor verifying an allergy to fish. Otherwise, I want you to drop two filets into the hot oil.

Give them a stir and you’ll see that they completely disolve within a minute or two.

Now dump in the garlic. Only let it heat for a few seconds. As soon as you smell it, it’s ready. Now’s the time to dump in an 18 ounce can of chopped Italian tomatoes. Or if you’re feeling like you want something really hot and spicy, a can of Mexican tomatoes with jalepenos.

Let the liquid start to cook off on medium heat while you get two awesomely delicious things ready.  Olives and capers.

Use Kalamata olives with a kick. A bout a cup of them. Not the black Mission olives that go on pizza and tacos. If they’re pitted, just rip them up into rough pieces. If not, smash them to pit and tear into rough chunks. No finely chopping. You only have the time between tricks to get these ready.  Then to the olives add capers.

Use a tablespoon or two or if you’re me, half a jar.

By now, most of the liquid should have cooked out of the tomatoes.

Now, turn off the heat and dump in the olives and capers.

Give it a stir

Your spaghetti should be ready. Drain it and then add it to the skillet.

Toss to combine and serve.

This is the only time you will ever hear me say this: Don’t add cheese. Now enjoy.

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