Leftovers! Behold how a rectangular plate makes everything pretty!

So I had some leftovers to use.

A mixture of fire-roasted tomatoes and tomatoes with jalepenos left over from making chiken Tikka, some of the base mix of egg & evaporated milk left from making mac & cheese and a small piece of sirloil steak found lurking in the freezer.

Also invited to the party

Veal stock, spaghetti, 2 half-full bags of shredded cheese and a shallot. I put the pasta onto boil, sliced the steak and chopped up the shallot.

I melted a little butter in a pan and seared the steak

Remove the seared steak from the pan

Then add the chopped shallots to the pan

Then I added a splash of veal stock to deglaze the pan

Then I added the tomato mixture

Then I chopped up some Romaine on its last legs and a tomato and tossed them with some balsamic vinagrette

Once the spaghetti was boiled, I drained it, put in some butter and then tossed in the egg and evaporated milk mixture and the shredded cheese. I stirred.

By this time the tomato and veal broth mixture had cooked down to glaze.

Then I put the sauce on a plate and put the sliced steak on top.

Then added the spaghetti

And the salad

But the key is the rectangular plate.

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