Have you ever decided to put a picture in the background of a document?

You inserted it into the document, resized it, maybe lightened the coloring and the changed the wrapping to have the text in front of it. (Right-click the picture, go to the Wrap sub-menu and choose In Background.)

Sounds good to me!

Well, it sounded good until I realized that I needed to edit the picture some more…

I’ve clicked, double-clicked and even tried a triple click to select that picture and for all my efforts I got absolutely nowhere.

Now what?

Am I stuck with it forever?

Do I copy the text to a blank document and the start over?

Fortunately neither of those scenarios are the case – we can get to the picture with a single-click… specifically a right-click.

Yep, it’s that easy!

Right-click over the section of the document that contains the background picture and it will be selected instead of the text.

Now you can proceed to move or edit it as you see fit.

I love it when things are that easy 🙂

~ April