A Headline You Won’t See

Here’s a headline you won’t ever see linked on The Drudge Report:  Bicyclist Falls Down in Busy Street –  Crowd rushes to render assistance. Today we were driving down the busy four-lane section of Glendale about four miles from home and Tim saw a guy go down in the street about a block back. So he swung around to the parking lot of Bigby’s and got out to see what happened.  He ran, which is quite a sight to see, since he normally only runs when chased. Joining him at the crosswalk to get back to the man was a lady who had been about a block down by the bus stop and had come running to see if she could help. Already cars had stopped and people had come out of the surrounding business. The guy seemed okay, he just had a bad case of road rash and a sore shoulder. His bicycle tire hit the curb instead of the driveway and he dumped into the road. Interestingly, even though we were several miles from home, it turns out he’s our Harvard Terrace neighbor from two streets over. And the car that stopped to help is our neighbor, also a couple of streets over. And the guy who ran out of Walt’s Auto Body to help worked with the injured bicyclist on the fire brigade at Ford before he retired. The biker didn’t want anyone to call an ambulance or to accept any offers of a ride to the hospital, so the fellow from Walt’s put his bike in the back of his truck and offered to drive him home.

Strangers and one acquaintance rush to the aid of injured bicylist on busy street. Other non-headlines from this week: Neighbor checks in on my Aunt to see why  the lights are on after 11pm and Neighbor knocks on my door to make sure the guy messing with my air-conditioner is supposed to be there. Pretty Nice.

I guess the real headline should be: TIM RUNS! – Not even chased. That’s breaking news.

Drive safely! Watch out for the curbs! Tim can’t be everywhere to help you.

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