If you love to indulge in cameraphone photography, some nifty editing is in order before you show it to the world. Here is where a cool app for Droid and iOS devices comes to your rescue. It’s called Instagram, a free photo sharing app that has some cool filters that will make your photos stand out. However, you need to follow these steps to make the most of this.

1. Mimic depth of field with your cameraphone by taking pictures having something in the foreground like a flower and your subject in the background. This way, you simulate depth of field since the cameraphones lack advanced optics to generate the real depth of field. Added to this, the Instagram app is the ‘tilt shift’ effect you can use to make your depth of field even more vivid and believable.

2. Instagram is great for photo manipulation, only if you shoot the pictures in a certain manner. Since most cameraphones boast higher mega pixels, it doesn’t mean better photo capturing ability. It only means you can blow the photo to a larger size. But then again, what’s the meaning of blowing up blurred photos? Here is where lighting plays a key role. Your cameraphone is good when there is ample light, the more even the better. If you are outdoors, downcast skies act as the perfect reflectors and white balance objects. If you are shooting indoors, take the person close to a window or door, so you can capture the subject with a good balance of light and shadows and capture the details. Once, you have a well-lit photograph, making the photo even better becomes easy in Instagram.

3. With cameraphones, it’s easier to shoot at freaky angles – ground up, sky down, behind pillars and stones, crossed angled, upside-down and so on. It all depends on your subject. If you want your subject to look more imposing, shoot him from ground up. If you want to make a waif-thin person look a bit more healthy, never shoot from the side. Straight up front at eye-level is more like it. Get the drift?

4. Cropping can make or break a photo. Here is where Instagram works beautifully with its 1×1 crop, among other things. Therefore, whenever you compose images, make sure it’s a square. If not, at least symmetrical in some manner, so cropping can be done from all sides, without making the image look awkward.

5. With Instagram, you can make frame your pictures digitally. Be it sepia, black and white to paint-brushed and vintage looks, there are all manners of frames to choose from.

6. The real beauty of Instagram lies in its simplicity. You can take any picture and make it look memorable and worth a second look with its range of filters and photo sharing features.

7. All you need to get started is the free app and ofcourse, an iOS device. It doesn’t run on any other platform. That’s the limiting part.

~Zahid H Javali