Karen from Australia writes:

How do I stop the cursor from flashing after I have finished a letter/document in Microsoft Office Word 2007? We did our Christmas Greeting letters recently, and I noticed when I had finished it, and sent it (to myself first to check it), the cursor was still flashing when I opened the attachment.

Good question Karen, and fortunately a pretty simple answer will solve your problem.

The key is in the type of file you send. Don’t send them a Word file – instead send them a PDF file.

Office 2007 has the ability to save files in this format so it’s no more work than usual and it’s a quick and easy way to remove the “flashing cursor” while at the same time delivering your message in a format that most people should be able to view.

Once your file is ready to send use the Office Button / Save As choice and select PDF or XPS.


(If you don’t have this choice then you may need to download the 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS.)

So it’s save & send – business as usual – just be sure that the save part is in PDF!

~ April