Hawaiian Macaroni-Potato-Crab Salad. A Side Dish with a Twist

This is a great dish to bring to a pinic or serve as a cold side with BBQ. The crab adds a great flavor twist. It’s called Hawaiian because a version often comes with what they call “Plate Lunches” in the islands. The dish is a a perfect melding of cultures, much like Hawaii. Let us begin.

Finely diced celery, grated onions and shredded carrots. Grating the onions tames their intensity. This is about 1/4 cup onions, half a cup of celery and half a cup of carrots.

Peel, dice and boil about five medium sized potatoes. I love Yukon Gold potatoes. I think they work with everything. Make sure you generously salt the water.

Whisk half a cup of rice wine vinegar with two tablespoons of sugar. Make sure sugar has completely dissolved. This is also a good time to salt the dish, as salt does not dissolve well in mayo because of the fat. Mix it in with the vinegar for better seasoning.

When the potatoes are tender when pierced by a fork, drain them. Then toss the hot potatoes with half of the sugar/vinegar mixture.

Now cook up eight ounces of pasta. This is zita, but buccatoni or spaghetti would work as well. Once the pasta is cooked. Drain and combine with potatoes. Then add the rest of the sugar/vinegar mixture and coat thoroughly.

Give it a good dose of salt and pepper, then add the chopped vegetables.

Add in your crab meat. If you have fresh, that’s lovely. But I used the packaged from the seafood case. Crumble it in, keeping an eye out for shell. Salt and pepper the crab separately and let it sit for a few minutes to absorb the seasoning. Then add about a cup and a half of our good friend mayonaise. Give it taste and add more salt and pepper if necessary.

Chill, then serve and amaze your friends with the creamy, crunchy, crabby deliciousness.

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