To celebrate the release of The Avengers, my husband and I decided to host a Marvel movie marathon all day Saturday before going to see the movie on Sunday. Above you can see one of our beloved godchildren is well dressed for the occasion while his brother is taking the opportunity to photo bomb him in a hat. Because one needs to be well-fed to have the stamina for five movies and because I am, well I am me, I decided to make theme menu to provide three meals for our intensive movie watching.

The movies were ready upon their comic book altar. Now time to feed seven of our closest friends breakfast. I readied a coffee and tea bar. I am obsessed with coffee syrups and teas. It’s a lot cheaper than paying for your hazelnut latte at Starbucks.

Tying breakfast foods into Marvel movies is not the easiest. Especially when you want something that holds up well for a crowd. Here’s what I came up with:

Tony Stark’s Hangover Hash – click for recipe.

It was a hearty start to get us ready for Iron Man. After watching Iron Man & The Incredible Hulk, it was time for a green-themed lunch. A little something I like to call: Hulk’s Smashing Crudite.

Green veggies, Green Goddess Dressing, green cheese plus my semi-famous Salsa-Mole. I also cooked up Thor’s HAMmers – which are my Bacon Lollipops. HAMmers? Do you get it? Cause they’re made out of bacon.
It went over well.

Then it was time for a break to visit Monarch Cards & Comics for Free Comic Book Day.

We make an event out of it every year. The folks there are so nice.
Free Comic Books Make everyone smile!

Alaina, Charles, Cameron and Mal. Our own personal Hat Squad.

After the comic store trip we celebrated Cameron’s 20th birthday with Black Widow’s Death by Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache. They’re spiced with cinnamon and cayenne and are to die for.

Look at that boy’s lung function. So darn proud of him. I’m surprised he let’s me bake for him after this incident. He’s a forgiving soul.

Then it was time to go back to movie watching. Iron Man 2 is better than I remembered. Thor would be better if there were less shirts in the movie.
Movie watching is hard work. Even with snacks.

Between Thor and Captain America it was time for an All-American supper.

Captain America’s hot dogs with Coney Sauce.
Served along with Hawaiian potato-macaroni-crab salad. I’m not sure how that ties into Marvel characters. I just wanted to make it. If you have suggestions, please let me know. It fortified us enough to finish the wonderful Captain America. We toyed with idea of going to a late showing of The Avengers. But decided that a Sunday show would be best. We were all kind of tired.
Wake up kids!
The ending of Captain America is very sad.
That was fun guys! We should do this again sometimes. How about a Lord of The Rings Extended Blu-Ray edition Marathon before The Hobbit comes out? I’d better get to work on the Middle Earth Menu.