Some days you just need a dose of cute to cheer up! After finishing a grueling semester, cuteness was exactly what I needed. Enter ZooBorns where you’ll find the cutest newborn exotic animals from zoos all around the world!

The site is setup blog style, so it is very easy to navigate. The newest addition to the site is at the top, and then you scroll down to look at the past ZooBorns.  If you want to see specific baby animals, you can use the navigational menu on the left side of the page to select by animal. Or you can use the handy search field just above the animal listing to search directly for the adorable ZooBorn of your choice.

Accompanying each ZooBorn are photos, text descriptions, and sometimes even videos!

Now let me tell you about a few of my favorites. You have to check out the Tapir babies! I’ve loved Tapirs ever since I was a little girl, and saw them at the Cleveland Zoo – but their babies are freaking adorable! Their coats are very similar looking to those of fawns, with spots and stripes for camouflage.  Next check out the baby Dik-Dik (the world’s smallest antelope), not only will you find photos but there is also a video.

I’ll stop there because I could go on and on about these adorable baby animals. Check them out today!



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