Must See: Unbelievable Alduin Dragon Skyrim Cake

You don’t have to be fan of Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series, or even have played their latest entry into the game market, Skyrim, to be able to appreciate the time, effort, and skill that went into making this cake.

The cake creation is “Alduin the World Eater”, the antagonist from Skyrim. If you haven’t played the series, what I’m bringing you today is the most awesome dragon cake ever created! The amount of detail on it is incredible!

I’m linking you to the write up on the cake from Geekologie, because I like the fact that their site has a black background which is easier on my eyes – but you can learn even more from the cake artist’s blog Baking Obessession.

The dragon sits perched above a mountain and was created for the cakemaker’s son. Best birthday cake ever! I love all of the close up shots of the different parts of the dragon, because you can see how detailed the work is. Just looking at the wing’s bone structure will wow you!

If you do pop over to Baking Obssession, you can get more of the information about how Vera made the cake, and catch a link to see the one made by Charm City Cakes (Ace of Cakes for any Food Network viewers) created for Bethesda.


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