Old West End Festival

Toledo’s Old West End Festival happens the first full weekend in June. We celebrate an awesome neighborhood full of beautiful Victorian and Craftsman architecture where Toledo’s captains of industry as well its working stiffs lived. There a beautiful mansions, quaint cottages and a world class Art Museum. I highly suggest the house tours as long as the weekend is not too hot. The art and music fair plus the unending sea of garage sales make for big fun and light wallets. But the very best part is hanging with our dear friends. Purchasing Christmas decorations is not important. I have enough Christmas decorations. It doesn’t matter how inexpensive they are. I don’t need more Christmas Decorations.

Where was I?  Oh yes, the importance of spending quality time with our dearest friends. And also the eating. Lots and lots of food and cold drinks.

The day kicks off with the King Wamba Parade. Originally meant as an alternative to Mardi Gras it was a big deal back in the day and has now been revived as part of the OWE Festival.

There are bands

Crazy cars and just lots of fun.  Best of all, it goes right by our friends’ house so we just sit there in our lawn chairs.

Usually we sell a few things. Comic books. Tim with his apprentice Comic Book Guys

Custom fascinators by the fabulous Savy Lough. I bought one!

It’s an extravaganza of Art!

But the best part comes after the house tours, garage saling, parade watching and comic book selling are finished. Then it’s time to eat.  What’s on the menu for this year?

Piggy Pops – bacon lollipops that will amaze your friends. Click on through for the recipe.

Salsa-mole – my easy take on guacamole that is my most-requested recipe.

Hawaiian Potato Macaroni Crab Salad. Fresh from its debut at the Marvel Movie Marathon.

Whatever you do this weekend, I hope it involves some of your favorite people in the world.

And Horsies!

And Royalty

A jam band in your back yard

Plenty of good food and drink.

And great people!  Have the best weekend ever! I know we will!

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