Creepy Cool Print

For some reason this garage sale find has captured my heart. I found this mid-century modern marvel garage saling among the beautiful Victorian homes in Toledo’s Old West End during the annual festival.

It was propped up in a driveway and caught my eye immediately. Wonder of wonders, it fit my price point exactly.

Under ten dollars and I didn’t even have to negotiate!

It reminds me of a painting from the old show Night Gallery.

And also a little of Side Cut Metropark where I love to walk. After all, this is the Black Swamp.

A bit of research has revealed it to be a California Mid-Century Modern James Bunnell silkscreen. Which means it hung proudly over someone’s sofa in their beautiful new ranch home in the 1950s.  Now it hangs eye level over my writing space at home. My window to the world of my thoughts.
Sure, odds are some supernatural being is going to come crawling out of the print and get me. But I dig it. And I think it makes a great addition to the Stately Mackley Manor Art Collection.
Is it me or does that sun/moon appear to be glowing?
Uh, what’s that sound? Do you hear that? Hmmm….

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