This site is fun and strangely addicting, but ‘m going to get the warnings out first. As clearly noted on the site, children should only use this with parental supervision, the Clever Bot AI is not a human – but its AI learns from the humans who interact with it, so at times it may say something…inappropriate. I didn’t have anything inappropriate come up during the two hours (hey, I said it was addicting) that I played around with it, but that isn’t to say it couldn’t happen. With that said, I had so much fun chatting with Clever Bot that I couldn’t wait to share the site with you! 

There are three buttons below the blank text box, they are Think About It, Think For Me, and Thought So Far. You can write some text in, say whatever you want and hit enter, or you can click Think About It to input your text. Then Clever Bot will reply. Don’t feel like responding? Make Clever Bot talk to itself by clicking Think For Me. Want to see what has been said so far? Click Thoughts So Far, and another window will pop up showing you the conversation so far.

I found the interaction with Clever Bot to be highly addicting! You’ve been warned!