I love this site so much that I almost don’t know where to begin talking about it. I found it while looking for some information on Carol Burnett, and then I discovered a treasure trove of videos from women of all walks of life who have left an indelible impact on the world around them.  

These are fascinating women who have been interviewed about their life experiences and asked really good questions to answer in their interview. You’ll find women in government, politics, humanitarian pursuits, fashion, theater, dance, sports, movies, science, television, journalism and business. (And that’s just a few of the categories I could think of to list.) I want to warn you that this site can be time consuming because you may find yourself wrapped up in watching the videos, I don’t want to say this site is a time waster because you’ll leave it so enriched that it could never be a waste.

To look at all the videos you can pick from just select Browse and then scroll down the page, or you can filter them by category, most viewed, latest, and Simple selects. But perhaps the best advice I can give you for navigation is to dive in (there are a ton of featured videos right on the main page to check out), but if you want a fun way to view the videos during your visit click Moments at the top. Then select from the traits (you can pick more than one) that inspire you and then click go, and it will present you with videos that embody those traits.

No matter how you choose to view them, dive, and enjoy the videos.


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