Salmon crisps with capers – quick & easy appetizer

These are salmon crisps with sour cream & capers. Each one is a bite of salty goodness. You can make fifty of them in approximately fifteen minutes and they stretch a small bag of potato chips into enough for a few dozen people.

You’ll need a bag of good kettle chips. I used plain, but salt & pepper would probably be good as well.

Also some sour cream or creme fraiche if you prefer, but sour cream works wonderfully.

A little it of smoke salmon. This is the inexpensive kind in a chunk studded with peppercorns. Use what you like best.

And capers. Capers are the Cadillacs of things that come in brine. They make me so excited I can’t focus a camera.

Lay out your potato chips. Add a tiny dollop of sour cream. Then a little bitty piece of salmon and top with a caper. This takes no time at all. I would not do it too far ahead of serving or the chips will get soggy.

Serve them with BLT Bites!

It’s all part of my obsession with making each chip into a separate serving. See my beat-the-clock party.

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