How To Add A Printer To Your Mac

What I love about using a Mac is that I can connect to any printer I want and print in about 30 seconds – no software to install or 45 minute wait to install the drivers. Apple, always thinking, put some software on the Mac which makes it compatible with almost any printer you’ll need to use.

This tutorial is the same for both wired, wireless and network printers.

If you are using a wired printer, make sure it is plugged in to your Mac. If you are using a wireless printer, make sure it is switched on and both your Mac and the printer are connected to the network. If you have a printer on your network, which may be connected through an Ethernet cable, make sure that it is connected to your network and switched on as well.

To setup a printer on your Mac:

First, open system preferences on your Mac.

Mac System Preferences

Select Print & Scan from the menu:


Select the plus (+) sign on the left hand side of printer window:

You will then see your Mac search for active printers that are either connected to your Mac or on the network.

Once it has found your printer select it and press the add button:

Once that has been added, you are ready to start printing from your Mac. Easy as that!

So next time you want to print something, select file from the top menu, then print, from the drop down menu which says “Printer” you will be able to select the printer that you have just added to your Mac and then print directly to it without the hassle of drivers or software to install.


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