You’ll need QuickTime to view the Virtual Tours. If you don’t have it, click on the Get QuickTime button to be directed to the download site. It’s worth it! You’ll have the ability to play virtual tourist at sixty-six different locations around Great Britain. 

Once you’ve got QuickTime (or if you already have it), just select a location from the list, and let the panoramic view load. 

Beneath the panoramic view, you’ll find a description of the location that you’re checking out. For example, I visited Fairy Glen in North Wales (a gorgeous view of a gorge on the Conwy River) and beneath the video it explains where the location is, what village is near it, what visitors enjoy doing in the area, and that its near Snowdonia National Park.  It’s now on my must-see list for when I visit in the future. 

Some of my favorite places to view were Jane Austen’s house and Anne Hathaway’s Cottage (she was Shakespeare’s wife), as well as The Tower of London, and the Beatles’ Abbey Road. It is interesting to take a peak at places I’ve only ever read about or have seen in photographs.

Where will you explore?