Wondermind is a site geared for children, focused on the connection between science and art, and wrapped in an interesting Alice in Wonderland theme. 

I started my visit by clicking Your Wondermind Play Video button. This will play the introductory video where your kids will learn all sorts of things about the brain and how it functions. It’s interactive, too! Throughout the video they’ll be asked to answer questions about the brain. 

After watching the introductory video, they can explore all around the Wondermind map and visit The Hedge Maze, The Forest, The Tea Party, or The Garden. There are even interesting facts about the brain per each section’s lodging screen!

The Hedge Maze – is a timed game where they have to arrange mirrors to reflect light on the Cheshire Cat.  This game teaches about navigating spaces. After the time runs out, they’ll have access to a video that explains how the brain learns about spaces and the people around them. They’ll learn all about the hippocampus and how it maps spaces. 

The Forest – is a timed game where they have to help Alice catch the white rabbit. Paths that are not walked regularly are retaken by the forest and disappear. This teaches about how pathways in your brain are made everyday. After the game is over they can watch the video to learn more about how the brain changes its structure as it interacts with the world around us. 

The Tea Party – is a timed game where they have to pour as many cups of tea as possible while matching the right type of tea by using the mouse to click the pipes and make connections. I’m usually pretty good at this type of game, but it took me a couple of tries to get it to work out right.  The video after the game discusses how language is acquired and stored in the brain. 

The Garden – is a timed game that tests memory. Kids have to match cards in order to catch the card who painted the roses red. The interactive video that follows teaches about the different kinds of memory and what parts of the brain are used to store memory. 

You can also navigate different parts of the site by using the options on the main page below the map area. Your options are the Science and Art banners, the tag listing beneath them, or the five blog links. 

I really liked the metaphor of Alice’s journey in Wonderland as an explanation for how the brain works, and that they had scientists explaining the different concepts. Check this out today and share it with anyone who wants to know more about the way their brain works!