Do you have a laptop or a desktop without notification lights for Caps, Number and Scroll lock keys? Isn’t it infuriating when you go to type something or use the number pad and it doesn’t work as you expected because the lock wasn’t on?

How do they expect you to know if it’s off/on if they don’t have a light to show you?

Keyboard Notifier, by Luke Payne Software is the perfect solution to this problem. Keyboard Notifier is a small downloadable program which will show you the status of your keyboard’s caps lock, number lock and scroll lock keys.

You can even customize the colors, so if you’re a person who always wants the number lock key on, you can set it so when the number lock is off it glows red, yellow, blue, etc.

What’s not to love? Well, two things: First, you do need to have .NET framework 4.0 installed (click here to download the web installer if the program does not run), and second the program is just a single file, so if you want it to automatically load when your computer starts you need to copy it into your Startup folder.

Overall I’d say it’s a fantastic basic utility to solve a very annoying problem on some laptops and desktop keyboards.

You can download Keyboard Notifier by clicking here.

P.S. Want a more advanced version of a similar program with on-screen displays in colored text? Click here.