Welcome to QuizStar – an awesome, free resource for teachers to use to create quizzes!

There are a lot of great benefits to using QuizStar to create quizzes. For example – teachers can easily manage quizzes and classes, create quizzes in multiple languages and create quizzes with multimedia elements. All that, and the quizzes you create are all accessible from anywhere you can get on the internet. 

I’d suggest checking out the Why Quizstar link for more information on how you can use QuizStar for your classes. Next, I’d suggest you take the QuizStar Quick Tour and then check out the Get Started link. By visiting each of these section you can easily decide if this is a tool you want to add to your repertoire as a teacher. You can even check out Example Quizzes, and their handy FAQ before registering.  

To register, you’ll need to provide an e-mail address and then create a password, then click the continue button on the registration form. Now head over to your e-mail and click the link in the activation e-mail so you can get started. Once you’ve activated your account, you’ll need to log in with the information you’ve provided. 

There are three main areas you’ll use as an instructor: the class manager, the quiz manager, and the reports manager. Each section is explained in full on the Home tab (where you are automatically logged into, so there’s no way to miss it). 

Now you’re ready to create quizzes and manage your class results whenever you need to. Go check it out today!



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