Panda Cam

I love pandas. I can’ t help it. They’re cute. But you know what’s cuter? Baby pandas!!!

On the 29th of July, 2012, the pandas at the San Diego zoo had a cub. Little Xiao Liwu is adorable! He has some serious old man face going on in his photos like he’s already acknowledged the serious duty he has to be adored by people from all over the world. Although the cute cub is not yet on display to the public, you can see him on the panda cam!

Upon arriving at the site, the live cam will start to load. You don’t have to do anything to watch the pandas, and below the video area you can learn about the panda research exchange between the San Diego Zoo and China.

But there’s plenty more to do here. You can check out the Meet the Pandas section where you can learn all about the different pandas that have been part of the exhibit at the San Diego zoo. Additionally, you can browse through the Photo Gallery and see pictures of the pandas. You can even check out the Fun Facts and Panda Blogs to learn more about Giant Pandas! 

This is a great live cam! Go check it out today!


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