You know I love a good educational site! I love it even more when it is full of awesome free stuff for you to do! 

With that said welcome to BrainPOP’s Free Stuff section. When you land on the main page you’ll see that it is a giant menu that’s divided up into different sections and then categories within the sections. 

At the top you have BrainPOP and it’s categorized by subject. So you have your choice from Art & Music, Engineering & Tech, Social Studies, Science, English, Math, and Health. Then within those categories you have the option to explore Movies, Quizzes, and Activities.

The next section is BrainPOP Español is in Spanish! So whether you’re a native speaker or just learning the language, you can navigate this section in Spanish.

After that is BrainPOP Jr with content that is specifically for kids who are in kindergarten to 3rd grade. Its categories are Arts & Technology, Social Studies, Science, Reading & Writing, Math, and Health. 

Then comes a section of BrainPOP mobile apps that let you take learning on the go. 

As you can see this site is full of education material that’s free and easy to access. Go check it out today!