Have you ever wanted to learn to play piano? Or do you know how to play piano but can’t afford one? Well then you need to check out Virtual Piano. 

Once the site loads, click the Enter graphic, and you’ll be whisked directly to the piano.

Before you start playing check out the Main Menu by clicking on its button. This will bring up some options you should explore before you begin.

The Change Style will change the color of the keyboard.  It’s purely aesthetic but I was happy to change mine from black to something brighter.

Music Sheets will bring up a drag-able window where you can scroll through some of the pieces of music that have been transcribed. You’ll notice they don’t match the letters on a scale, but rather the keys on your computer’s  keyboard.

So how do you see what keys on the keyboard equal what keys on the piano? Click the Key Assist button to turn on the labeling for the keys. It’s set to off by default. 

Record Keys will let you record the music you are playing. Press it to start recording, and when you’d done playing, click the play button to playback what you just recorded.

Now that you’ve reviewed all the menu options all that’s left is for you to start playing! Go to town and play your favorite piece of music!