imo Instant Messenger Lets You Talk Over Multiple Networks

Since Google acquired Meebo, you might be looking for a replacement instant messaging service that lets you chat with your friends on any instant messaging (IM) network. Well imo does just that!  

I’d highly recommend watching the video on the main page. It will walk you through the process of linking accounts, a host of the different features you’ll have access to, and how to use the platform.  You can use it in a browser or on your mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Nokia). 

I love it because I can chat via my browser on all my instant messengers without the distraction of my Facebook wall. Once you’ve decided this is a service you’ll use, you’ll need to register. Click the red Register link to be whisked away to the process. I say process, because in order reduce the spam sent and received over their network, imo requires you to link either your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts or verify your phone number.  How does this affect your privacy? Well, a link to your social profile or your country of origin will be displayed in your public profile. You can, however, unlink this information any time after you’ve registered. Basically, it is an extra authentication step to help discourage spammers to make use of imo. 

I went with Facebook when I registered because I’m mainly using the site to avoid my Facebook wall while allowing people to still chat with me. My family communicates mostly over Facebook and I like to be available to them as much as possible. After you’ve linked an account you’ll fill out the rest of the registration from with your name, e-mail address, birth date, and create a password. Then you just click the blue Sign Up button. Then you’ll start filling out your profile. You’ll choose a username, and if you want you can add your location and interests. Now you’re a part of the imo network as well as the networks you select to link to your imo. 

There will be a three step introduction to the different parts of the screen, but the video on the main page (that I hope you watched) showed where you can do everything else.

This is a great option for keeping all your social networking and instant messaging chat in one place! Check it out today!


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  1. Hi Amanda,
    i tried to sign in imo web, but it requires a password. do u know how can i create this password? since i never asked to create one while installing it on my phone.

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