One thing that has bothered users of Windows 8 is the seeming disappearance of the Snipping Tool, the handy little program that lets you grab screenshots. This was particularly bothersome to me, since I recently purchased a Surface Pro and the tiny little keyboard doesn’t have a PrtScn key. The good news is that the Snipping Tool is still there, it just seems like Microsoft is trying to hide it from you. It’s now buried within the Windows System32 file, but there’s a really simple way to find it.

Search in Apps for Snipping Tool. 




I didn’t even have to finish typing “snip” before I found it.


If you’d like to keep the program readily available, just right click to pin the Snipping Tool to the Taskbar or the Metro/Modern Start Page. I pinned it to both places, just to have it handy.



Hope that handles one Windows 8 complaint.

~  Cynthia